So! Under Construction Again.

Sorry! I've been neglecting this little internet outpost. I added a few more things to the pages and will soon (drumroll) have an online shop! So stay tuned! In the mean time you can check out my instagram and tumblr for more what I'm working on currently. Thanks!


Happy New Year!

Hi everybody! 

I thought I would write a note to say happy new year! Hopefully 2014 will be an exciting and creative one! 

I'm currently applying for conventions (so I can take these comics out on the road), but I will say that I will be appearing at TCAF 2014 in Toronto May 10-11! With new books! 

Also, I wrote a piece for Slate Magazine about cats, loneliness and revenge. It was a 12 Panel Pitch illustrated by Hwei Lin Lim. She did such an amazing job illustrating my story! I'm really happy and proud of the way it turned out. You can see it here:

Under Construction!

Apologies to anyone viewing this page after SPX and what not. I'm in the process of making this my actual website and putting stuff on it. In the meantime you can visit my tumblr if you want to find me, actual me, instead of a promise of me, someday.